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Self Paying Patients

You would not make a purchase without knowing the cost and we believe the same should apply to healthcare.


BMI The Alexandra Hospital has a department dedicated to providing you with details of the fees they charge and we will provide you with full details of both their fees and the additional charges made by Cheshire Cardiac Services. We have full details on blood tests and common cardiac investgations/procedures


Please contact the Self Pay Department at BMI The Alexandra Hospital on 0161 968 7594 or 0161 495 7029. Or contact Cheshire Cardiac Services at for further information


Example - Patient A (chest pain)

Initial consultation: £200

Cardiac catheterisation: £2300

Coronary angioplasty: £5640 + cost of stents


Example - Patient B (palpitations)

Initial consultation: £200

Transthoracic echocardiogram: £420

24 hour cardiac monitor: £360


Example - Patient C (breathlessness)

Initial consultation: £200

Transthoracic echocardiogram: £420


These costs are an estimate. Accurate information can only be provided after a consultation


How to contact us

Cheshire Cardiac Services


BMI The Alexandra Hospital

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0161 941 3270


0161 495 7000

(to book a private consultation)

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