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Insured Patients

Once your General Practioner confirms you require review by a Cardiologist you will be required to obtain authorisation from your insurance company prior to arranging a consultation or any investigations/treament.


It is accepted practise for insurance companies to set their fees for a procedure. If the charge set out by the individual consultant is greater than the insurance payout then the patient can be asked to make up the difference. We believe this is unacceptable.


If your insurance company authorises a procedure/treatment, we will ensure our fees do not exceed the tariffs set out by your insurance company. If your insurance company has a lower tariff than what we usually charge then you will NOT be subject to any excess costs. This is a guarantee provided only by Cheshire Cardiac Services. We strongly believe concerns about your health should not be hampered by financial worries.


We are a recognised provider for the following insurance companies:










Exeter Friendly


General & Medical


Pru Health/Vitality


Simply Health




If your insurance company is not listed then please contact us. We will endeavour to apply to your insurance company for recognition as a Cardiology provider and ensure you are able to choose a high level of care for your health



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